Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Printing flint

Before switching to a finer clay mixture, I decided to try Flint to see how it spreads.
I screened it through a 100 mesh and even though it is labeled as a 200 mesh material, I did find some residue on the screen (which I omitted from the batch). After loading up the machine and doing some spreads I noticed that the feed side was relatively consistent, though it did tear in some areas. The build side, however, never really reached a consistent surface. It’s almost like it would agglomerate and drag in some areas, creating visible streaks on the surface. This was regardless of the layer thickness used (from 0.0035 up to 0.008”). So much for a non-hygroscopic material being an easy fix!

Build side during a run of flint. The streaks never fully heal during spreading.

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